The departments of TUC

The Technical University of Crete(TUC) was founded in Chania, Greece, in 1977 and admitted its first students in 1984. Currently, more than 7500 undergraduate and 900 postgraduate students are enrolled at the TUC schools. Our alumni have completed a rich and thorough five-year engineering curriculum comprising lectures, laboratory work and a thesis project- and have acquired in-depth scientific knowledge and a broad range of technical and soft skills.

TUC has five engineering schools. Each school provides a five-year study program in a cutting-edge field, and leads to an engineering diploma.

School of Production Engineering and Management prepares engineers with a sound background in both technology and management and provides, high skills in the design, optimization, and management of complex engineering systems. The Department also offers three postgraduate programs in Management, Operational Research, and Production Systems, leading to MSc and doctorate diplomas.
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School of Electronic and Computer Engineering provides in-depth education and high level hands-on training in current technologies, focusing in the areas of electronics, automatic control systems, computer science, and telecommunications. The Department offers a Program of Graduate Studies, at the MSc and PhD levels, in Electronic and Computer Engineering. More Info

School  of Environmental Engineering prepares highly qualified engineering scientists capable of contributing in the measurement, monitoring, assessment, and treatment of problems caused by human intervention in the environment. The Program of Graduate Studies offers a postgraduate specialization degree in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, as well as a Doctorate Degree. More Info

School  of Mineral Resources Engineering provides a broad range of scientific and technical knowledge and skills related to environmentally friendly methods for the extraction and processing of minerals, focusing on industrial minerals and energy resources The Department directs a Program of Graduate Studies in the field of Geotechnology and the Environment, leading to MSc and PhD degrees. More Info

School  of Architectural Engineering provides knowledge through lectures and research in the scientific fields of architecture, urban design and planning, architectural technology, preservation and restoration of monuments, as well as the environmental-ecological dimensions of architectural design. The Department also offers the opportunity to pursue research on a PhD level. More Info

In addition, each department supports teaching in fundamental disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and social science, and promotes research in applied sciences.