Mindspace Trip to the USA 2021 - Open Call for Applications 

We're really excited as we have launched the announcement for Mindspace Trip USA for 2021! 

As you already know, Mindspace is the leading organisation for business educational trips in the USA for aspiring student entrepreneurs and early-stage teams and since 2017, it has taken dozens of students from Greece and abroad to the USA, to show them the business ecosystem and innovation there, inspire entrepreneurial thinking, build their network, get feedback by international investors and provide them with unparalleled expertise and knowledge in San Francisco, Boston and New York.

You can take the vibes from previous Mindspace Trips here and here.

This year, there will a Mindspace Trip to the Boston, USA during October, with a small group of participants due to the Covid safety measures which is our priority during the whole Trip. 

You may find in the general Mindspace Trip page an overview of the program's scopes and benefits. 

Make sure to dive into more details, so as to get all the information you need regarding the program's schedule, trip periods and prices in the 

Since the number of positions are few and there is always great demand among very talented people to participate in the Trip, make sure to Save your Spot* by applying until the 11th of July.

You can apply as Individual for the Trip via the Application Form here!

We remain at your disposal for any additional information/ clarifications you might need and looking forward to hearing back from you.